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Member - Lady Venom (Songwriter/Composer)

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27 Aug 2008
28 Feb 2010


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Lady Venom

iZMO: House
Sub iZMO: Hard House

Mortis de Serpentis Productions is the collective Electronic project of Lady Venom's which began in October of 2006. MdS consists of her main project, Lady Venom, and side-projects Beautifully Dead, Versucht zu Toten and Aggereth bat Mahathallah. Lady Venom, born in Washington, Pa currently resides in Louisville, Ky.

After receiving a copy of MTV Music Generator in October of 2006 from her brother, Renegade Noise, Lady Venom was formed. Originally composing Electronic Music (Dark Ambient, House, Industrial, Techno), she began delving into other genres including Latin, World, Reggaeton, and Jazz.

Lady Venom's first official album, "Let The Bombs Drop", was released in April of 2007 followed by "Eventide", "The Unholy Trinity", "Tribalism", "Baile!" and "The 13th Floor". In 2008, the track "666 Miles (March On)", from "The Unholy Trinity" album, was nominated for the 2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Award for Best Industrial/Beat Rock Song.

Four new albums are in the making for Lady Venom including "170", which will be a free album, "Helium", "Ice" and "The Ascension".

Beautifully Dead was formed in March of 2007 out of Lady Venom's intense love for horror movies and dark ambient. Her music spans various genres including Ambient, Dark Ambient, Classical, Industrial and Glitch.

Beautifully Dead's first official single was "The Grigori". Her debut album, "Dark City", was released May 13, 2007 followed by "Subjugation", October 20, 2007.

Beautifully Dead is currently working on two new albums ("The Exorcism Of Mary" and "The Forbidden Serenade").

On Halloween of 2008, Lady Venom gave birth to VzT (Versucht zu Toten). As the harsher side of MdS, her main genres are Industrial, Industrial-Techno and Industrial-DnB.

VzT's first single, "Get Me Started", was released in November of 2008. "Shatter", her debut album, was released in April of 2009.

VzT's second release ("Properties Of Frequency") is set to be released in 2010.

Aggereth bat Mahathallah was formed in August of 2009. Originally formed to replace Beautifully Dead, AbM's first single, "11th Dimension" was released in September of 2009.

Attack Of The Vampirates
D-Day Madcox and Nurse Hellion Hatchet of the band Headonistic Torment joined forces with Space Chalky 13 from Troy, New York to form a side-project called Malefactors of Anarchy. After creating a number of killer industrial, punk trax together, they decided to bring some new blood into the mix for yet another side-project which would become The Attack of the Vampirates.

In December of 2008, Lady Venom began collaborating with The Attack of the Vampirates. AOTV tracks featuring Lady Venom include Long Live The New Flesh, Suffer Not A Witch 2 Live (Sex Magik & Remix), Chainsaw Sally (Brutal Mixxx), Chainsaw Sally (Industrial Strength Chainsaw Remix), Sally Unhinged (Maryland ChAiNsAw Massacre Mix), Fright Night 2009, Fright Night 2009 (Revamped), and Inherit Evil In Salem's Lot.

The Chainsaw Sally Show, Season One, which is now available as a 3 Disc DVD Set features the track Sally Unhinged (Maryland Chainsaw Massacre Mix), a collaboration between Attack of the Vampirates and Lady Venom.


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