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Member - L10 (Singer/Songwriter)

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21 Sep 2008
11 May 2009


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L10, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, grew up playing piano and singing throughout his education until High School. However he didn't discover a passion for making music until he discovered "The Secret", the controversial book by Rhonda Byrne which he says helped his "intentions and what you want becoming a reality". He than gained confidence to start pursuing his new dream professionally, and in November of 2006 he recorded a demo for a song titled "Take It".

Highly sought producer DJ Midimack heard the demo and convinced L10 that Dance Music is the genre he should tackle. From there, they recorded the aformentioned single "Turn It Up", and with remixes provided by hitmakers Grammy award winning and Billboard chart topping Klubjumpers the rest is history. L10 hopes to further make history with his music in more ways than one. With more Dance heavy singles in the pipeline, L10 admits that Dance music is his prefered genre, although his influences come from many different styles, because it's "Music that's just fun and pounds through the club speakers making you want to bob your head or just dance".

Having already recorded several more catchy singles with several HIT producer/remixers, producing the 2008 OFFICIAL DEBUT and 2 version HIT single "Music's Got U" are the Australian powerhouse production team the "Audiophreakz" producers of Diirty Elektro and Grammy award winning/Billboard chart topping Klubjumpers. The "L10" project also includes contributions from New York's very own Billboard chart topping producer/remixer Electrick Pulse (Take It, Fallen), Brazils new up and coming international producer/remixer Diego Garcia (Turn It Up 2.0, Hooked On U, You're Invited) and several others. Remixes have also been provided by several international guest producer/remixers contributing to the project which he labels as "plenty more Dance tracks." However, he hopes to take the genre outside of the clubs into the mainstream "I want to be a part of making dance music and just seeing people enjoy what I've been able to and will continue to visualize."

L10 sites diverse acts like Phil Collins, The Bee Gees, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Madonna, and Pat Benatar as early influences. Later in life his influences in the Dance music genre became DJ Dan , Keoki, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Amber, Ultra Nate, and Deborah Cox. The artists that thrive, mainly, in Gay clubs. L10 has no problems being a role model for the Gay community with his music "I'm an openly gay Dance artist that wants to have fun talking about what I want to talk about". And in the future, with his mainstream success right around the corner, he doesn't plan to abandon his lifestyle "I wanna be able to create something with out having to mold myself into something I'm not." "I just want to be able to show another positive role model in the gay community creating a dream and succeeding at it"

For now, L10 is getting his act ready for bigger things although he admits getting to this point has taken him by surprise "I'm having a blast. It's been a tough road since I've accomplished so much in less than a year. I keep looking at the positive part of this adventure, and I keep falling back to the Law of Attraction... believing in it so much that it will all happen very soon." He is excited about performing his songs on a stage " I get a rush when performing and seeing people react", all this in preperation for taking his music to a National and soon International level. With a diverse slate of songs, and a unique point of view in the Music industry, L10 is confident his music will make it's mark "I'm excited to share the music with everyone, and just see everyone enjoy it"


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