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03 Feb 2009
09 Feb 2009


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KDot ODot

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Abstract Hip Hop

known by his stage name KDot ODot, is a hip-hop rapper and former member of The Warriors. Born in Oakland, California.His grandmother of japanese heritage took tremendous pride in her grandson and would often watch over him willingly. With his first language japanese he would speak broken english until the death of his grandma due to a fire in her house which he witnessed that devastated him for years to come. After continuous struggle of raising her only son she latermoved him to live with his father in Fairfield, Ca at ten years old.It was at Tolenas Elementary School during his music class with Mr. Sweat where he discovered his passion for music.In high school he hooked up with Bad News, Young Stamps, Preach, Diz 160 to record two Mixtapes as The Warriors as well release an independent album The Revelation.By 18 years old,he joined the military where he made a strong name for himself by rapping as he traveled over the world. Red Dot, a famous rap group in japan offered him an opportunity to sign with them but he refused due to his unreadiness.Now, he finds comfort in his position with clever word play and witty rhymes as he creates a doorway into the world of hip hop. When asked "How do you feel you contribute to hip hops place right now?" He smiled and said "I saved hip hop."-Journalist J Penz


MYSPACE: . myspace. com/koakafonz

REVERBNATION: . reverbnation. com/kdotodot

UNSIGNED: . unsigned. com/kdotodot

BANDIZMO: ://bandizmo. com/user/player. php?&page=pg3&songnr=1&member=&g=39&s=296

MEGA UPLOAD (MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD): :// . megaupload. com/?d=BPGKNXM2

YOUTUBE: :// . youtube. com/watch?v=Jk1QmcjSy-M

DATPIFF: :// . datpiff. com/KO_aka_Kdot_Odot_Customer_Service. m28665. html

FACEBOOK GROUP: :// . facebook. com/group. php?gid=43559681541#/group. php?gid=43559681541

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: :// . facebook. com/pages/edit/editprofile. php?id=53037207580ßion=detailed#/pages/KDOT-ODOT/53037207580