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Member - Jordan Grizzle (Singer/Songwriter)

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12 Jun 2009
13 Jun 2009


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Jordan Grizzle

iZMO: R&B/Funk
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Natural talents like Jordan Grizzle's come just once or twice in a generation. At only 14 years old, this singing, dancing dynamo is reminiscent of fabled kid prodigies Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Since the age of three, the talented Fort Lauderdale native has been singing and imitating performances for family and friends around the house. At 5, Jordan discovered that he could sing. And he did a pretty good job at it.By the first grade, Jordan had developed a serious discipline for the craft of music. He taught himself different sounds and runs by studying videos of B2K and Michael Jackson that his parents brought home for him. In 2007, at the age of 13, Jordan finally decided to officially pursue a career in music. With the support of his parents, he teamed up with local producers to record his first song, "No More." Several local DJs and radio stations caught wind of the song and immediately began labeling him "the next kid star" ‚Äď and he hadn't even performed in public yet! Still, the buzz continued to build around the city, especially as Jordan began performing at schools, outdoor events, and churches. However, his career really took flight when "No More" was picked up by Matt of A&R. Jordan indeed loves to sing, but he admits he's drawn to good dancing. "When I watch a singer with good dancers, I can't pay attention to the singer because I'm always intersted in looking at the dancers," he says. It's Jordan's natural balance of both dancing and singing that leaves quite an impression when he performs. The 14-year old has appeared on "The Bobby Jones Show" after his school realized and his parents that he had potential and talent. His performance skills attracted the attention of many and is truly making his mark in this game of music. When he's not recording or making crowds go crazy, Jordan manages to be a normal, down-to-earth 13-year old. He's looking forward to starting the 9th grade and enjoys watching movies, skating, running, and hanging out with his grandparents. He also enjoys daydreaming about one day having a career that's on the level of his favorite stars -- Usher, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Ciara and Tiffany Evans


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