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Member - Jerry Costanzo (Singer/Songwriter)

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Redwood Entertainment

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Jerry Costanzo

iZMO: Jazz
Sub iZMO: Big Band

As a follow-up to his previous successful CD release, Destination Moon, Jerry Costanzo, one of New York's finest crooners and first-rate musicians is back with his latest swinging session. Radio Hosts and the Press have been clamoring for Jerry’s next CD since the release of Destination Moon. On this new disc Can’t We Be Friends? on Daywood Drive Records, Costanzo and the players don’t disappoint. Consistent throughout are Costanzo's rich and expressive voice, supported by a group of world-class seasoned professionals who’ve toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in music and film. Can’t We Be Friends? is a substantial addition to the Costanzo oeuvre, and as with Destination Moon, it compels us to look forward to more great music from Jerry Costanzo in the future.

“. . . after hearing Destination Moon . . . I've played several tracks by this talented individual. Some good stuff from his CD. Look forward to his next disc.”—Barry Rosen, WHCJ-FM, The Voice Of Savannah State Radio

“Thanks for sending me this CD which will be featured in my Jazz programmes, keep up the good work and keep me posted of any other forthcoming releases”—Martin Smith, Radio Seagull
Jerry grew up in an atmosphere of rich musical history. His father began teaching him to play the saxophone when he was in the third grade. Jerry later went on to study acting with William Hickey (nominated-best supporting actor, Prizzi's Honor.) In the early 1980s he started subbing on Alto Sax with his father’s big band, The Memories of Swing. Before that, he played in the horn section of a classic rock band and also providing some vocals. Jerry’s career took on a new dimension when his father asked him to sing with the big band and he’s never looked back, delighting audiences ever since with his fervent singing and effervescent personality every time he takes up a microphone.
Jerry is well known for his interpretations of the “Great American Songbook” and the popular standards that are a part of all of our lives. He has had many notable recent performances including Post University’s Tillis Center; the Count Basie Theatre; the Metropolitan Room, NYC; and the Jazz On The Vine WinterFest series at Long Islands east end vineyards. On May 9th he will be performing at Feinstein’s at the Lowes Regency NYC to celebrate his new release, Can’t We Be Friends? Jerry’s audience is building all over the world and he is in high demand.

”The divas have been getting all the attention the last few years but here's a cat that knows how to swing it 50s style and could give Steve Tyrell and few pointers on how to sharpen it up to get his groove back. . .“
— Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“. . . Jerry Costanzo delivers a song with a loving nod back to the Rat Pack. I mean that in the best possible way . . Andy Farber's Swing Mavens puts this far above schmaltz. Maybe it’s in the subtle interactions between Costanzo and the horns. Maybe it's the cool-cat finger-snap/bass introduction . . .”—Mark Saleski,

Jerry leads his own big band The Jerry Costanzo Orchestra, and is also working with saxophonist, arranger, producer Andy Farber & his Swing Mavens octet, as well as his smaller ensembles. He has worked and continues to work with the best jazz musicians in the business including, Steve Ash, Ted Firth, Tardo Hammer, Neal Miner, Joe Cohn, Dave Glasser, Mike LeDonne, Jerry Weldon, Mark Sherman, Ben Wolfe, Jimmy Madison, Alvestor Garnett, Hilary Kole, to name a few.

Listen to Jerry Costanzo’s latest CD Can’t We Be Friends? and it’s a good bet that you’ll want to check out Destination Moon too. Either disc is a sure thing for a party or an intimate evening, but seeing this talented and seasoned pro live really brings the party directly home to you.

Learn more about Jerry Costanzo at and

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