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Member - Ions Age (Band who writes own material)

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29 May 2009
16 Jul 2009


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Ions Age

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Grunge

Ions Age met in April of 2008... The Lysachok boys were looking for the other member for their already established band, but met someone totally different. When Mike and Ryan met Josh, they started to jam and soon realized that they were creating a new sound. A sound they didn't expect to hear... Soon after they all decided to start something brand new... thus the creation of "Ions Age".

The musical influences are pretty much the same for the three...
Metallica, Nirvana, Greenday, Bullet for my Valentine, Alice in Chains and much more in the Grunge/Metal/Rock era.

Joshua Chisholm - Vocals, Guitar/Bass
Being in many bands before... Josh is no stranger to playing on stage. Being in a band called "Willowmore" and having experience with indie record labels, and audio engineering helped him on his musical career. Searching for his place in music he always wrote songs, always stuck with it... Was about to go solo till destiny knocked on his door in the shape of Ryan and Mike Lysachok. Ions Age was born!

Ryan Lysachok - Guitar/Bass
The lead guitarist for his old band "Leaded"... Ryan new he wanted to do music ever since he seen a live concert. Him and his 2 other brothers and his cousin formed a band that did well. They played pretty much every venue in Edmonton, and even went into the studio and made a kick-ass album. Things just didn't go as planned, the band was at a stand still, then him and Mike met Josh. The rest you know!

Mike Lysachok - Drum/Percussion
The hard hitting drummer of his old band "Leaded"... Mike is on fire when he's behind his kit. He went to school at Grant MacEwan for this art, which made him very precise. He always had drive and passion for music, and will always be the heart and driving force of any band he's in. Meeting Josh and having his bro Ryan rocking out beside him sparks the creativity of the band to a level they only imagined.

The Future of Ions Age is written in the stars. All three of these musicians are very talented, creative, and have the drive to push themselves to level they desire. The future doesn't stop... and they're doing everything in their power to make sure of it.


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