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Member - inside we die (Band who writes own material)

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26 Feb 2009
04 Mar 2009


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inside we die

iZMO: Metal
Sub iZMO: Progressive Metal

Inside We Die is a metal band that resides in the canton/massillon area. They play heavy metal but are not afraid to take it abit softly, aswell, to a unstoppable crushing extreme. Though the band has not been in the Scene very long, they have definately left there mark very quickly, playing shows with the likes of Flaw,(Foundation), and Forever in Terror. Aswell as alot of great local acts. The band Started as Matt Bey and Scott Krach, in Matts basement (also known as the Plastic Room for serial killers...) Between the two of them they had well over 30 songs, and were ready to do up some shows. There was an unfortunate event and Scott passed away. Matt, being a very determined man decided he was to continue on the band name. He then talked to a good friend of his, Erin McCallin, also a local guitarist, and asked him if he wanted to help him start working on some new material. Soon they recruited Rick Tourney (drums) and Eric "The Goat" Smith (vocals). They hit the scene hard doing shows every other week, to doing shows every week, In Canton,Ohio, to Youngstown also in Ohio. It was now time to step it up, So Matt and Erin decided they needed a second guitarist as well as a singer who could handle the duties that where neccessary for the new material. They had to part ways with Rick and Eric to find more suitable bandmates. Rick and Eric will always be friends with the band, and we wish them well in what they want to do. Now, Matt Bey (bass), Erin McCallin (lead guitar) Joe Harris (guitar, vocals) and Ronnie Thompson (vocals) set out to take over the metal scene playing every style from Breaking Benjamin and Tool to Metallica, Meshuggah,Death, and Deicide.... Come to a show an check us out, we are sure everyone will love it!


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