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Member - INDIGO AGE (Band who writes own material)

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14 Nov 2008
15 Jan 2009


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iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

Indigo Age is a five pieces Italian rock band from Siracusa, formed in the '05 by the volonty of Mr. Maxim, undisputed and histrionic leader of the band, over the years they have performed in the clubs and pubs around Sicily. During a jam session with other bands they decided to produce a Third songs demo CD titled Change of Season, recorded at the Music Now labs. All of them are coming from of different cultures and musical influences of hip-hop, industrial, jazz and our intension is to recreate this genre in the melting pot of our compositions. Indigo Age is: MaXim "Missionary" Xibilia (Vocals) gifted with a great amount of adrenaline on the stage, and a attractive look & voice. He is a tireless stakhanovite and the driving force of the band. He loves bands such as: Cure, U2, Metallica, Incubus, Bowie, Beatles and audioslave. Nick Fury. (Electric & acoustic guitar) he has played with many bands like: Hydra, stone cold crazy and others...He is the calm and reflexive one of the band and is indispensable for maintaining the equilibrium of the big family. He loves bands such as: Sound Garden, Nirvana, Rolling Stones Pink Floyd, PFM. Marky "Purr" ( Eletric guitar Lead. & sounds effects ) he is a super hero in sounds effect by eletric guitars. He played in many band around the country, and a tireless music knigth. He loves band such as : R.A.T.M. Blondie red head, Pixies, and all the 80's rock n'roll. Karmel (Bass guitar & Backing vocals) currently plays music with "1000" bands around Siracusa & Catania. He has a true talent. Gifted with a striking personality and nerves. He is the alchimist and the perfectionist in the band. He loves bands such as: Tool, A perfect circle, Incubus, Feeder, Nirvana, STP. Toti "Hit Man" Valente (Drums) currently is trying to do a freak enterprise somewhere.. for example: base jumpin' with his mountain bike or what else. He is a real hit-man behind the drums. He plays with style and accuracy every kind of tempo you can ask. He has had much experience with Italian bands across the country. He Loves band such as: Pearl jam, Incubus, N.I.N, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Tool, F. Sinatra, Chick Korea. We hope we have been rapresentative in this little that we have expressed


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