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Member - Ground Mower (Band who writes own material)

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28 Dec 2008
06 Mar 2009


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Ground Mower

iZMO: Metal
Sub iZMO: Alternative Metal

Magnus - Lead Singer
Tompa - Bassist
Jonta - Lead Guitarist/Harmonica
Richard - Drums/Percussion

When drummer Richard Bång heard singer Magnus Arnar perform with Soul 78 at a festival in the summer 2004, he began formulating plans for a new band. At the same time Richard was invited as a guest musician on a new album his old band, Face Down, was recording. There, Richard ran into long time friends (and former Mozes bandmates), Jonas Wigstad (guitar) and Tomas Marklund (bass, vocals), who were also thinking about a new band. As the saying goes, "Sometimes you're born into greatness....".....and other times a twisted sort of greatness, happens while God is on his lunch break. This would be the second one mentioned. The 4 started playing together and the collaboration was raw..and pure...and hard core...and breathtaking.

There is an interesting space between rock n roll and metal of any sub-category, a space were some of the most exciting things take place.....AC/DC is widely referred to as "hard rock" even though most Metal fans consider them the godfathers of the genre itself. Similarly, Led Zeppelin is held in the same high regard by 'heavy' metal fans, even though they have written songs that other long enduring rock icons and pioneers in the genre swear are the basis of rock.

It's a fine line that spills onto, as much as is enmeshes, each side of that space. The still steadfast examples, with nothing thus far that even closely resembles similar chemistry behind them, make for difficult shoes to fill. To quote Chrissie Hynde from a recent Pretenders concert I attended: "Rock used to be everywhere, we took it for granted....and now we're fucking dying for it!" No truer words……

Enter Ground Mower. They fill that space with remarkable singularity. Ground Mower is the reason to dip your toe into the ocean of unknown bands, because occasionally, a shark like Ground Mower sneaks up and takes your whole leg off.


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