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Member - GnF (Band who writes own material)

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02 Mar 2009
05 May 2009


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A video of Grizz n Swanee

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Why GnF?

Well, as a part of a school project, I started a band, called 'Glazed', performing my original songs. It was Grizz (me) on guitar, Swanee on drums, Joe on Bass, and Kristy on vocals. It was a four piece, and we did alright.
At the end of the year, our singer (Kristy) couldn't decide if she wanted to continue with singing rock, or go back to singing jazz. So it was goodbye to her.

Next we entered a Battle of the Bands competition. Our bass player Joe ended up singing and playing bass. And we did rock as a 3 piece. This competition did wonders for my ego, as we were the only band plaing originals, and we won the heats - making it into the grand final. In the grand final, we just missed out on the top 3. Not bad for an unknown band playing originals, when everyone else played covers. We also got awesome crowd response.
All of a sudden, Joe became extremely unreliable. He didn't come to jam for over a month, so Swanee and I made an executive decicion; it was goobye to Joe.

From there, we had a list of other unreliable musicians. It didn't matter how many auditions we held, they were either unreliable, or they couln't keep up.

It always seemed to come back to two main people;
Grizz is the lead guitarist and main songwriter
Swanee is the drummer, inspiration and the driving force of Glazed

Then one day, Swanee came around and gave me some bad news. On the net, he saw that not only was 'Glazed' taken as a band name, but 2 bands were fighting over it in court. It was official, my heart was broken. Not only were we losing band members, but we had just lost our name too.
We spent weeks trying to come up with a new band name. Even setting people on a bus into hysterics with possibly the funniest name I have ever heard; 'Extra Testicle'. It was Swanee's idea - I swear.

It wasn't long after that we thought of GnF. You see, they are all my (Grizz's) songs, and with Swanee helping me on the drums, it was always different musicians. So why not call ourselves 'Grizz 'n' Friends' - with GnF being the abreviated and official name.

At the moment, we have no singer, this is why some of our demo recordings have no vocals - even I have laid down an occasional voval track. Once you here these tracks, you will understand why I need a singer. I might be able to play guitar, but I can't sing to save my life. If you think you could help, feel free to drop us a line.

There is also a kind of secret - hidden band member. Our pyrotechnician. Pyro Pete. He is more commonly known to glazed (GnF) as 'Bugga'. This is because "Bugga" is what is usually said after each pyro stunt.

I have recently created a youtube account and uploaded a video. Please excuse the quality as I had problems with th video editor on my computer. For some reason the video and audio don't sync.

If you wish to check it out, search GrizznFriends in youtube, or simply click on the link below;


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