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Member - Gabriel Soriano (Singer/Songwriter)

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30 Nov 2009
04 Jul 2011


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Gabriel Soriano

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Funk Rock

My name is Gabriel Soriano and I was born to play music. It is my passion, my love, my redemption, my strength, and my creation. My goal is to work with a label that cares about releasing quality music and supporting artists to be career musicians. Here's some info about me:

As an independent artist I have self-recorded and self-released 4 titles: "Demo 2005" (my first demo), "Into The Noise" (my first EP), "The Love Juice Sessions" (my second EP), and most recently, "The Sailor & The Siren" (my first full-length). I play all the instruments and sing all the vocals on my albums. I've booked and played over 500 shows in the last four years including five tours that have taken me from San Diego to Seattle. I currently perform as a one man band, using a loop station (BOSS RC-50) that allows me to create live loops of guitar, bass, vocals, percussion, keys, and saxophone into layers of sound. My music can generally be described as blues, funk, jazz, soul, reggae, latin, and rock. I use no backing tracks or CD's of any kind when playing live. I build the song piece by piece in front of the audience, often times pulling people out of the crowd to give them cowbells and shakers and help me build a loop.

I've been fortunate enough to have played in many bands in many positions: guitar, drums, bass, vocals, etc... this experience has turned me into a multi-instrumentalist and a singer/songwriter. I love everything from Sinatra to Slayer but my favorite music in the world is blues, funk, soul, and rock. I love to write and play all types of music from metal to jazz. And, in no particular order, my top 5 bands are Pink Floyd, Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead, Thrice, and The Beatles and Led Zeppelin and Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan. Ok that's eight. Maybe MUTEMATH too... Ohhhh probably Sarah McLachlan too, seriously... I know people joke about her but seriously she is amazing.

I currently live in Santa Barbara and am gearing up to head out on my next tour. In the meantime, you can purchase my CD's and download free music through my website at or through iTunes or CDBaby. Thanks for taking the time to check me out. Now all I need is for you to tell a million people and I should be squared.


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