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Member - FREIFLUG (Band who writes own material)

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06 Nov 2008
12 Feb 2018


At last: new music from German rock band FREIFLUG
With the publication of their new title DER GLAUBE, the song writers from Middle Franconia want to here for more info

New FREIFLUG song online now
The economic and financial crisis has a firm grip on Germany. It’s time the music takes on the here for more info


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iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Hard Rock

The band FREIFLUG was founded in 2000 when Franco Maiorano, rather coincidentally, met a Heavy Metal band without a singer while trying to find musicians. During the 1990s, he had had already some success as a solo artist with Italian and German pop music (amongst others "Fuer Dich" / EMI or "Dove Vai" / HDN Music).

"Pop music meets Heavy Metal"

This could have been the end of the story but it became quickly apparent that a vast creative potential for something new was hidden in this constellation. It took some time until, in 2005, a distinctive style had been found with the songs "Ewigkeit" and "Liebesschlacht". The influences are unmistakeable and are not to be denied with the usual buzz phrases such as "all new and independent".

Audi (Christoph Autenrieth) and Mobbs (Christoph Tomczak), whose musical history started together in 1980 in a Kiss cover band, won’t and can’t deny their musical roots: Hard rock, Heavy Metal and German Rock. Of course they, like many others, were impressed by "Rammstein" and their uncompromisingly heavy sound. However, they also very much appreciate the standard of "Unheilig" or "Oomp".

By no means, however, is FREIFLUG one of those many "new German Heavy Metal" bands. During songwriting as well as with his singing, Francos musical development adds to giving the songs melody and catchiness.


For the time being, the band does not perform live but rather considers itself a creative songwriter team. As composers, writers and of course musicians, they keep living up to their own high standards while producing songs in their own studio (Homerecording) and working on several video clips.

The songs are Gema and license-free, are available as MP3 almost all over the internet and can be downloaded without charge. Feedback and download numbers from all over the world are imressive. Among others things, the music has already been used in German radio dramas and an American video production.

Claim and goals

FREIFLUG confirms the self-upraised claim to merge modern, striking music full of pressure with demanding, profound lyrics to a consistent whole.
Resultant from this claim they have succeeded in an incomparable manner in combining massive guitar application, catchy melodies and contemporary sound elements by persuasive arrangements.

The typical FREIFLUG style is actually just waiting to be discovered by a label or publisher in order to receive its fine-tuning by a professional producer.


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