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23 Sep 2008
31 Dec 2011


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FrankSavages Savage

iZMO: Blues
Sub iZMO: Experimental Blues

About me:
By Jim Clarke Producer: from the Frank Savages first album notes on "For those Who Listen" 1997 for Posterity Records: Heres a true one off Liverpudlian blues poet Frank Savage. Frank who first recieved guitar lessons from an uncle when he was a boy has developed an amazing ability to pick notes out of the air to match his dazzling blues consciousness rambling lyrics that are filled with startlingly beautiful imagery touching upon the thoughts and suffering we all must endure as we pass through this oft difficult existence. Frank reminds me of several famous performers probably most obviously Bob Dylan comes to mind,as does the legendary Lousiana freeform bluesman Robert Pete Williams,then theirs unconventional blues virtuosos like Ry Cooder amd Kelly Jo Phelps not to mention all sorts of Liverpool poets of which there is a rich and enduring legacy. Frank is influenced by so much that has come his way,but he remains a truly original and remarkable musician poet and human being. This is the first 10 minutes of this 40 plus minutes in its full duration unforgetable song "Suicide ball blues" parts of which Frank will have created as he performed it.With Frank Savage you never hear a song sung the same way twice. Regards. original song music and lyrics copyright Frank Savage. ...thankyou for considering this anyone can contact me at: Jim Clarke/Posterity Records London.