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22 Jan 2009
28 Dec 2009


I have a new CD coming out in 2010 title Straight up Diversity by Frank Drew
Check out my website copy and here for more info


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iZMO: Jazz
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About me:
FRANK DREW LIVE © Don't worry - this won't hurt a bit. FRANK DREW LIVE is an all-original jazz/funk/R&B group that has been performing head-boppin' music since 2003. The group uses computer, digital effects and improvisation to convey the messages in their songs; this also gives them the freedom of flexibility. Even though fans are familiar with the main tunes and structure in the over 60 songs they perform, FRANK DREW LIVE"stretches out" from the skeleton of the music in unique ways. The improvisation style and signature sound of sax and violin put them in a modern jazz category. But as the group "stretches out" other styles emerge. The smooth, melismatic vocals recall the intimate sound of R&B and Smooth Jazz. The foot-stomping bass, drums and multi-rhythmic hand percussion remind one of Old-School and Funk. In the North Mississippi River area of the Quad-Cities, where Blues and Bix Beiderbeck are king, FRANK DREW has found the music scene in their home town a tough nut to crack. But they have cracked that nut with a vengeance, performing for everyone from school children to the Swing crowd, teenagers to baby-boomers; Summer Festivals to dance clubs to martini bars and everywhere in-between. Frank Drew is a Quad-City area saxophonist who also performs on many other instruments. Originally from Springfield, IL as ‘Funky Me,' Frank combines his imaginative writing style, energetic playing and Funk influence to help create a unique music experience for his listeners. He has composed hundreds of original pieces of music and arranged many others. His natural ability on other instruments has helped him to write lines of music that sound "real" for those instruments. Frank has performed with countless Jazz, Blues and Rock cover bands. Like a chameleon, his saxaphone took the shape of the music. But, he had no room for experimentation. Now, his playing style and techniques are even more diverse while performing his own music. His playing is clean but courageous, as he is not afraid to push the boundaries of his instrument. He makes the saxaphone (and occasionally the flute) laugh, talk, cry and rejoice. Even though it is a popular saying that "Sex Sells," FRANK DREW doesn't try to go there. They retain their integrity while entertaining and try to create a fun and positive atmosphere. This group is serious - about having fun and communicating with their audiences. Obviously, for FRANK DREW, fear is no factor.