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29 Nov 2008
25 Jan 2009


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Forte Realta

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Latin Rap

Originating from Mexico City Forte Realtà (meaning Strong Reality), begins to write its first letters in August of the 2003, having a strong musical influence since very early age that goes since blues, jazz, soul, rock and of course the must important the rap, feels the need to express musically and forge in that same year its first project by name Fuerte Lírica. Recording, composing and doing rhymes, finishes its first disk "VERSOS DIVERSOS" in company of Liricart, one of the tracks of this disk "Vida extrema" is elected as the theme of a program transmitted in television of pay focused to the extreme sports. In 2007 it finishes its first material as the soloist "MODUS OPERANDI" where Forte Realtà shows once again the notable evolution that day by day characterizes it in its form to write and to flow in a rhythm, with great ability in the microphone and to compose in guitar what desires to express melodically, this album are opening doors for him to sound in important radio stations like is it Reactor 105.7 fm and opened him to play in different events having a great acceptance in the publish. At the present is found working in the promotion of the album, in different songs and collaborating with other national and international artists and working on his next record material that will be an ambitious project, Forte Realtà makes music that goes directed to any person although the generate is hip hop he makes universal.