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Member - For The Hard Way (Band who writes own material)

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06 Jan 2009
22 Jan 2009


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For The Hard Way

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Punk Rock

Created in nearly as organic a manner as their music, For The Hard Way happened completely by accident. Born from an innocent jam among friends, the output these four young Kitchener men produce represents more than a hybrid of their previous collective catalogues. Defining their early sound as too fast and aggressive to just be rock, and too melodic and complex to be considered punk, they forage the lightly travelled path between.

In combining the driving bass lines of Steve "Stroker" Strohack with the metronomic yet feel oriented drumming of "Euro" Chris Tanner, the rhythm section guides the melodies with an experienced hand. Conversely, the strength of the guitar section is its diversity. The lightning galloping style of newly dubbed "Tommy Hardway" contrasts surprisingly well with former "Mercenary Saints" guitarist Scarfo's simplistic melodic lines. Worlds apart but coming together most fluently during counterpoint oriented riffs, it is a guitar sound like few others. Vocally, FTHW is blessed with having two unique, talented lead vocalists in Hardway and Strohack. Aggressive and loud, the two men on the microphone force forward lyrical ideals that stray from the cliche. To round out the sound, the more melodic voice of Euro makes its fair share of appearances. Offered as both a backing support sound at times and at others taking full control of the vocal forefront, the drummer's voice is indicative of the overall philosophy. Most simply put, an aim for moderate complexity without losing the hook.

To truly understand For The Hard Way is to see them live. The joy of performing live exudes from the engergtic assault seen in every one of the four men on a FTHW stage, creating an fun and lively atmosphere. An early and expanding tradition of a communal shot with both band an audience during the latter part of a FTHW set is an enduring example of the approachability and humble nature of the tireless members. With a methodical and painstaking approach to writing songs, both musically and lyrically, FTHW offers it's listeners with the precision presentation of an idea. The first thing that Scarfo, Euro, Stroker or Tommy Hardway will tell you is not to believe what you read, so come and find out for yourself. They'd bet that you'll be doing a shot with them before the end of the night.


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