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Member - Fingertip (Band who writes own material)

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20 May 2009
21 May 2009


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iZMO: Experimental
Sub iZMO: Metal

In 2007 Four friends joined together to create Fingertip, This four piece is your typical band line-up Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals with a slight twist it also has piano in there too. The band underwent a guitarist change in the very early days and have been gigging up and down Scotland (and few in England) ever since, clocking over 20+ in 2008 alone.

The band are consistly writing new songs, meaning there was rarely a gig were a new song wasn't played. During 2008 the band headlined the Liquid Room in Edinburgh a place where the band had went to see many of their heroes play (Biffy Clyro, Coldplay to name a few) They also were crowned XFM's Band of the Week in February 2008, beating off some stiff competition receiving a landslide in votes.

In March 2008, the band released its first E.P called Variations Of Me, it consisted of five tracks all focusing around finding your own way in life. The band are currently working on their follow up to Variations Of Me,

with no set release date as of yet, it is confirmed to be out this year. Following loosely in the footsteps of the first E.P. the new release will focus around a common theme, the three basics trends of life, Create, Enjoy, Destroy, which is also the E.P.'s name.

The bands guitarist John says “This E.P. is going to sound great, we are working in a much bigger and better studio than before, and are tweaking every little detail to make sure we get it spot on. The songs themselves have a lot more depth than the older ones and are much heavy based songs than anything we have done before, we got a few tricks up sleeve for this one". Watch this (My) Space for more information as it comes in. Website for more information please visit our website at ://


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