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09 May 2009
21 Aug 2009


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Fashoda Crisis

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

Fashoda Crisis were born kicking and screaming into the creative vacuum that is Southend, Essex, in April 2005. A frothing three headed abomination against nature that infuse anarchic alt rock paint-stripping noisemongery with melodic pop sensibilities whose manifesto is to pour scorn on the ridiculous. Inflammatory and confrontational, they have built a solid reputation on the backs of their visceral live performances.

At all times Fashoda Crisis play from the bottom of their twisted, blackened tumourous little hearts. They spew forth vitriol and acerbic wit in equal measures, melding political rhetoric and social commentary with opaquely personal lyrics. Intelligent, violent, passionate, honest, spleen-rupturingly humourous (and modest, letís not forget modest) genre mangling mentalists.

Fashoda Crisis pride ART over ARTIFACE and they have observed with disgust and righteous ire as once respected peers have soiled their creativity and compromised their integrity in the fervent hope of wrapping their lips around the swollen phallus of the music industry.

Fashoda Crisis are uncompromising and fiercely independent, they will never dilute themselves to become more palatable and as such will never conform to mainstream popularity. Fashoda Crisis are not for the consumption of the bleating masses, they are for the chosen few, the readers, thinkers and true listeners who view the creation of music as a sacred form of art and whose record collection is not amassed on the basis of hairstyles and stage outfits.

Fashoda Crisis love you. But would never cheapen the sentiment by saying so to your face.