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Member - Familie Roeser (Band who writes own material)

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Familie Roeser

iZMO: R&B/Funk
Sub iZMO: Alternative Funk

Who are ae Familie Roeser ?

Ralf E. Schinner and Kainstrom started in 2004 as a studio project.
In 2007, they were joined by singer-songwriter Kerry L. Dooley.

That year, there came to be stylistic revolution in the production of videos and surround production. That was the birth of Familie Roeser.

The "family" characterizes the music in an active groove. With acoustic and electronic instruments and original rhythms and sound design elements, when combined with the lyrics and vocal-stylings of Kerry L. Dooley, it forms a hybrid energy mix.
The lyrics, written by Kerry, touch upon the subject of governmental deceit and dishonesty.

Familie Roeser is an independent project!!!

The entire process is in family hands.
Everything from start to finish ending with video is from the family.
We come from Planet K5, located in Munich-Schwabing, Knollerstrasse 5,
at Muenchner Freiheit.

Family members

Ralf E. Schinner (drums, percussion, directing, camera, editing) contributes to the music productions of the family as a rhythm monster and arranger. He has played drums for over 30 years. His roots lie in the jazz area.
Ralf is the video producer / visionary of the family. The seasoned promotional tech and graphics designer creates the screenplay, cinematography, editing and also directs the videos.
Through his experimentation and vision of the making of motion pictures, musical arrangement and sound design, he's always taking things in different and excitingly new directions.

Kainstrom (keyboards, guitar, bass, sound design) is the cornerstone of the music productions of Familie Roeser.
The family sound is highlighted by his mastery of the keyboard and by his far-reaching imagination for new sounds and textures for the ear.
His instrumental influences are clearly inspired by his Daddy records collection from the 70's. Many compositions include classic Moog licks accompanied by Hammond and Rhodes sounds.
As the “electrician of the family, Kainstrom not only masters complicated studio technology he still finds the time to blow your sonic mind.

Kerry L. Dooley (vocals, lyrics, melodies, funk), is a renowned singer in the international music scene and has worked with some of the greatest. His extraordinary vocals give the family their independent voice. He is known for his live shows and concerts. He also writes and performs for various other studio productions and can be heard in many countries.
He is the voice and funk of Familie Roeser.

Studio K5 audio and film production c/o Familie
Knollerstrasse 5, D80802 Munich
Ph. 0049-89-47 11 21
Email :


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