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Member - Fame and Chizz (Band who writes own material)

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04 Apr 2009
05 Apr 2009


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Fame and Chizz

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: East Coast Hip Hop

Circa 1999, when New York City’s borough rivalry was at its worst, an unlikely friendship was formed between Brooklynite, FAME, and Queens native, CHIZZ. The two met in their freshman year at Louis D. Brandeis High School in Manhattan. One day while sitting in the lunch room they witnessed some of their schoolmates ‘spitting some corny lyrics” and decided to go home and write some rhymes of their own. They soon formed a group with six other rappers and became known as the Dark Agez. This group disbanded quickly as it was apparent that FAME & CHIZZ clearly outshined the other members of the group.

FAME & CHIZZ took a little break from the performing side of the business. FAME became an intern at Roc-A-Fella records, while CHIZZ interned at Ruff Ryders. After high school, CHIZZ went Norfolk State University in Virginia while FAME stayed in New York City in search of a record deal. They soon realized that they could get further if they worked together so CHIZZ returned to New York to search for a record deal with FAME.

FAME & CHIZZ, formerly known as The Comission, have independently released more three mixtapes and have been featured on more than 15 mixtapes. They have toured the East Coast, performed at numerous college campuses such as Shaw University where they performed with Young Jeezy and Lil’ Wayne. They also headlined a show at Alabama State University’s Joe L. Reed Acadome in 2006.

FAME & CHIZZ have been making quite a mark in the hip hop industry. They’ve been featured in numerous internet magazines/websites including,,,,, as well as in Rap Fanatic Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly. Additionally, two of their videos “We Gon Ride” and “Ryder” can be found on

FAME & CHIZZ’s remarkable talent, combined with hard work and determination will get them the deal that they deserve. The title of their first mixtape pretty much says it all about this duo. . .“Sleep When I’m Dead”.

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