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01 Apr 2009
29 May 2010


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iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

Hi. My name is Zach. I write all my own stuff, and I wasn't sure whether to specify myself as a singer/songwriter, or a band. Because my music doesn't sound like singer/songwriter stuff, but I'm only one person.

Yes, I'm a Christian. But don't think that means my music is only for Christians. While some of my music addresses and questions people already in the faith, I try to make music that provides non-Christians and even "fake" Christians insight into the mindset of a Christian following the way as well. I try to make music that is certainly from a Christian perspective, but that a non-Christian can benefit from as well.

My introduction into the faith came in a strange way. So around the time I was 15, I learned what it truly meant to be a Christian. I would actually go as far as to say that I didn't actually become a Christian until that time (although I'd gone to church my whole life). My discovery of the true meaning of this faith was heavily influenced by the contemporary style of worship and music and people who appreciated it as much as me. Because God was able to reach me through music, I was convinced that others could be reached as well, and since we are the body of Christ, I thought, 'God is calling me to do this'. 1 Corinthians 10:31 states "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" Well I play music. I started to play and sing at my church's newly created worship service, and because of the faith of a select few people in me and where my heart was at, I decided I wanted to lead others to Christ through music.


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