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16 Dec 2008
22 Dec 2008


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iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

The POP-ROCK POWER blent to the latest ELECTRONIC music:
this is the unique and unmistakable sound which marks E V O L U T I O N !
After years of hundreds of live concerts as a cover band, at the beginning of 2006 in a small village near Riva
Del Garda (Lake Garda-Italy), E V O L U T I O N project was born from the fraternal union between CAMI
CANINI (charismatic, involving engine of E V O L U T I O N, a Powerlady on stage and you can not hide
yourself from her voice and spirit...) and ANTONIO BIANCHI (powerful and eclectic drummer), to definitively
consolidate it with the essential came in of MOWO (Wolfgang Moser) (producer, arranger, composer and
guitarist from Brixen/Bozen) and then at the beginning of 2007 with GIACOMO CAGNETTI (brilliant and
talented keyboardist, producer and composer from San Benedetto del Tronto).
Cami was born in Riva del Garda, where she came back after various experiences abroad and some change
of residence… tired of the usual routine of years of cover band-stage that no longer had to give her
emotions, she decides to express all the feelings gathered during (but not only) her music life and gave birth
to this incredibly special and alternative product.
Cami is one of the very few Italian songwriter writing almost all of her lyrics in English.
In summer 2007 the first demo-CD of the band containing 8 sketchy tracks done just to promote their music
through My Space (where within a very short time the band collected strong consensus by thousands people
from all over the world!), pure case ends up in the hands of Italian indie label Dabliu Sound, which remains
particularly striked and at the beginning of 2008 proposes to the band the production of their first stunning
album L’APPARENZA containing 14 tracks, published by Baccano Edizioni (July 2008) [CDWDS 034/2],
recorded, arranged and produced by Giacomo Cagnetti and Mowo, mastered by Armin Rainer (James Rec).
Almost simultaneously E V O L U T I O N sign a second contract with English BRM Music of the well-known
American Bruce Ruffin, which will produce and distribute their album also in the UK, AMERICA and ASIAPACIFIC.
EVOLUTION’s first album is a pure blend of warm melodies, sharp riffs, powerful voice and
incredible energy.
Together with CAMI and ANTO other 2 talented Italian musicians: DEMA (Andrea Demasi) on the guitar &
background vocals and CRIS (Cristian Postal) on the bass & background vocals, complete the “live line up” to
Successfully crowding all the places of the region, shows after shows E V O L U T I O N have won the
reputation of being a solid live band making powerful, massive and extremely professional concerts.
“ My greatest desire is to be able to 'communicate through my Music' everything that no other
language can express.... “ (Cami)
E V O L U T I O N means EVOLUTION OF ROCK with modern electronic sonorities to bring all their songs to a
completely different level: lyrics and sounds which strightly and deeply reach your heart and soul..... refined,
gritty, modern, experimental sonorities and a live show rich of EMOTIONS and ADRENALIN,
to let you singing, dancing... and get you deeply involved!
E V O L U T I O N : the evolution of Music, Sound, Emotions….. and Live Shows!