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Member - Epiicycle (Band who writes own material)

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31 Mar 2009
30 Apr 2009


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ep⋅i⋅cy⋅cle    /ˈɛpəˌsaɪkəl/ [ep-uh-sahy-kuhl] –noun 1. Astronomy. a small circle the center of which moves around in the circumference of a larger circle: used in Ptolemaic astronomy to account for observed periodic irregularities (lol) in planetary motions. 2. Mathematics. a circle that rolls, externally or internally, without slipping, on another circle, generating an epicycloid or hypocycloid.

To us Epiicycle is about love. Epiicycle is about change. Everything rotates around something else, and this is simply the music of that very concept. We are based in the West Chester/Coatesville area right outside Philadelphia. There are no "professional" albums out YET, however there are high hopes for the release of "White on White" sometime in either 2009 or 2010. The Demo copy is made however vocal tracks are still being worked on. Full concept and lyrical realms are intact and we are wishing for good things. We are currently seeking a guitarist and bass player who would be willing to play the tracks that are already written, and for future releases to help write their own parts. Most of the music is very psychedelic in its nature, however is still very modern and in a few cases semi pop like (songs up on this myspace lol). The songs are generally on the longer side, and have many progressive elements. With such a range of influences, there should be at least a small part of Epiicycle that most people should be into. There have been no live shows yet, due to missing certain live members. Currently the band is Anthony Roldan (Writing, production, recording) Simple---If your into what we are doing, then add us and leave a comment, we will get back to you as soon as possible. The music and concepts where written for the sol purpose and meaning of love.

If your not into "our" music then that's fine, we are just glad you ended up at this page in the first place...means we may be doing something right :) ...also the obvious part would be for us to ask you to let your friends know about Epiicycle. We want to get some shows going, and that's kinda impossible until we get two more if you know musicians who may be interested in working with us, then make sure to let them know. I know that if we got the ability to play live there would be a lot of people in the local area who would be willing to come out and see us. We are also in search of a label or potential sponsors for producing a better quality record for fans to buy. Stop by to keep checking this page because we often update the song playlist.
thanks again.


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