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05 Jan 2009
12 Jul 2013


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"The euphoric and serene sonic mini-explosions that make Emanuel's trance-like reggae is something really quite exceptional with the song writing caliber of U2, and the unassuming honesty of Bob Marley. You can't compete with Marley, of course. Legends like Marley and Grant are untouchable, but what you can do it pay homage to them as Emanuel does so excessively well with head-nodding, shoe-gazingly intoxicating music that takes on board the pop, but doesn't forget the message. This multi-talented artist has a very relevant sound that wonderfully reflects bands like The Specials while carrying his own style to the genre. "

Emanuel is ready to Live Up with his new release.
He has constructed sixteen fine songs and two meditations (also known as instrumentals or versions) that give the listener a varied palette of musical colors. Emanuel's unique brand of music is fueled by melodic vocals, inspiring messages, lyrically compelling songs, originality and a understanding of human nature. If it is reggae, soul, roots, pop, or all of the above, Emanuel uses his voice to mold and shape every song around the instruments with perfection.

LIVE UP is compiled, designed and produced by Emanuel. This album is rightfully named and inspires the listening audience to live up and enjoy their lives regardless.
Although growing up and not having, Emanuel always believe that if you strive and believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.
"Life is For Living and Living is For Life"- Emanuel

Emanuel is known for bringing forth knowledge of real life. Skilled with many other artistic talents, expertise and professions, music is his most important. As a versatile artist, songwriter, producer, engineer and more, he’s good at whatever endeavor he takes on. Born in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, Emanuel started doing music from birth. His mother, loved music and would always have a radio playing. Growing up he faced many trails and tribulations, but always made music. Music seemed to be the only thing that eased his pain. He started recording his own music on a stereo cassette player when he was about 11. As a youth, he was more known to "Clash" (Freestyle Battle) with other aspiring artists. He was always challenged to battle and didn't do it much, but when he did he gave them a challenge. Almost always victorious, it was always fun for everyone. Being a kid in and out of homes, he moved from neighborhood to neighborhood and found peace only with music.

In his early teens, he was sent to St. Croix, Virgin Islands Behavioral Services (VIBS) where he felt a change to positive thinking and expression begun. The stay was like jail to him, especially a kid who always felt independent. Everyday he would make little songs for how he felt during his experience. While staying there he also performed at a show organized for the Group Homes. Everyone was surprised and cheered him on. During High School he was known to be One of the Top Artists (Drawing, Painting, etc.) and was also featured in the local papers in St. Thomas, VI. Emanuel was also named a United States National Award Winner in the Arts and a All American Scholar.

After High School, Emanuel moved to Boston , MA, for a Visual Communications Degree. That soon ended and he found himself doing music. While in Boston, Emanuel also recorded a song with Debbie " Sista D" of DisNDat Band, titled " Better Day" . He continued to record music at home with a stereo equipped with a CD recorder. The digital transformation came when he moved to Florida. Since living in Florida he has performed at several shows. He believes in whats real and to always voice your opinion regardless. When it comes to music, he sees it as Life. "Stay Intelligent cause intelligence run the world."