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Member - E.KANE (Band who writes own material)

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11 Dec 2008
22 Dec 2008


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iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Gangsta Rap

Markus Wilson and Erick(FANTAZz) Williams once told me I was THE FUTURE, and I am. The future is now! E.Kane is the future... I'm going to cut to the chase .. Everything you see or hear on this page or any other one of my pages I DID MY SELF .. Tony? huh, got nothing on me. This is what I do. this who I am.. KANE FAMILY General E.Kane.. 1 st man still standing. No matter how hard they try, they cant stop me from running up them steps like rocky. My main goal is to establish a foundation where I can build buildings that turn into kingdoms.. If you apply your time and be dedicated what you do. you will be very successful.. what is success? some say success is when you reach your ultimate goal and you cant go no farther,I guess that's when your on top of the game screaming..MADE IT MA ! TOP OF THE WORLD !.. yeah i guess lol . Anyway enjoy my page, feel free to download and leave comments. if you run across any of my other pages and it needs updating please send me a message at or if you need some tips on graphics and music I'm here !!KANE FAMILY!! get use to the name !!I'm taking this to another level!!.. Jan 3 I'm dropping my album its still untitled but it will be professionally mix and mastered ( what you think I go to THE Institute of Audio Research for ?? ) Yeah I'm down with the night crew shout out to my future partners its almost over let get it. ANY OTHER INFO EMAIL MAIL ME AT KANEFAMILYRECORDS@GMAIL.COM PAY PAL IS EXECPETD HERE. KANE FAMILY RECORDS (SET JAY KANE LOSE)


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