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Member - Dogs Of Mars (Band who writes own material)

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06 Aug 2009
11 Aug 2009


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Dogs Of Mars

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

Dogs Of Mars Started out in 2008 Originally called Pending, The band consisted of three former Before I Forget Members, Damon Bawcombe on Vocals, Jason Khaleel on Bass and Joseph madden on Drums, Last to join the ranks was Freelance Guitarist Dan Dryland. The band started out playing a Variety of covers before thier drummer Joseph madden left to pursue individual goals, after a few session drummers and a few bad attempts of the bassist trying to play drums the band finally recruited the talents of thrash metal drummer Chris Parker from the band XXXX.

With Chris on board the band Aspired to write thier own material and in january 2009 they did just this, They first changed their name to Dogs Of Mars and developed their own style and sound, which is a mix of Funk, Punk and Rock, with this style and sound they also bring a fun style aura. The band have the mentality that good music is not about how many notes you can play a second or who can do the best fill and its certainly not about trying to write songs in twelve tone altered diminished crazy octatonic scales that would put a jam in your head worst then central london in rush hour, but about fun and about people having fun while listening.The band is currently working on thier self titled E.P which they hope to try and release in the early 2010.

But in the meantime, The Dogs of mars are gathering all thier musical resources and are going on a crazy fun filled musical rampage everywhere they can.
Look out the Dogs are coming


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