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29 Dec 2008
17 Aug 2009


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iZMO: House
Sub iZMO: Progressive House

Born in a small town in north Wales/U.k and grew up in devon England before moving too Australia in 1988 with his family, his music started at a very early age and played keyboards thru-out his child-hood and teenager life. It was only then whist in the 80's that he discovered Breakdancing and electro music that changed his outlook on music and the production of sound. From then on, dj'ing seemed the only way forward in music and creating overlays of other peoples songs which mixing became his passion.
As a Songwriter,composer,performer, producer,dj,Simon has come along way from the early days of mixing & now only performs his own music mixing up a set or two of hot beats with synth treats that really get the dancefloors shaking and has recently performed in a couple of countries with his new dance music tracks that are currently being heard here,myspace and other media outlets.Known on the circuit as DJ-SLT-UK, this artist also has a diverse range of music style and freshness that crosses many genres from slow relaxing music too fast energy dance.Simon dedicates his life towards his passion of music that reflects only by what he creates and displays to you and everyone else for your enjoyment.
After a long time overseas in the Middle East & Philippines to name a couple of places, DJ-SLT-UK has atlast returned to Australia bringing with him an array of new and diverse electronic music for all to enjoy. Some of the songs are so fresh and carry a nice melodic atmosphere within.

Checkout "Homesick" & "Your My One & Only Pt.2" .... these songs are bound to get you moving!