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08 Feb 2009
14 Feb 2009


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iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Indie Rock

We are 'DirectionS'...

"Describe your music
- Tonk, a journey through the genre's of rock...

How did it begin?
- The story begun in February 2007 when Captain Chaos "Chris" (vocals / Rhythm / Vocals / Lead Guitar) was writing tracks and getting together ideas for what was then "The Starlings" which had a more laid back folky sound.

And theeeeen?

Those were the day's that ended up being the stepping stone for what is the DirectionS you know today which has more edge, diversity and punch. During this time the hunt was on for firstly a bassist, eventually they found the legend that is "Kenny" who also writes tracks, provides backing vocals and likes a good rock out. Next up on the hit list was a lead guitarist who is... "Ben". Ben is also a writer, rhythm guitarist, singer and general musical man... Last but not least we have drummer Tom, who loves running the show on sticks but also indulges in some mean lead guitar work, so this is the last piece of the musical jigsaw in the band...

We are currently writing lots of new material which has input from all members. We are a Tonk band (a journey through the genre's of rock, this term is mainly because our influences are so varied between the members, that our sound changes.
Look out for us, watch us live, dawdy, brutal honesty, gremlin psychologies, no breaking mirrors, sticks and stones, dusty ol' bones, amplified reactions, current affairs, PROPER TONK - come and join the DirectionS revolution! Actual Love - DirectionS