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Member - Diana McCorry (Singer/Songwriter)

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04 Nov 2008
25 Nov 2008


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Diana McCorry's Official Website
Diana McCorry's Official Myspace Page

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Diana McCorry

iZMO: Jazz
Sub iZMO: Jazz Vocal

“Sometimes an unfamiliar voice sounds so poised and professional on disc that you
wonder if there are other, earlier recordings that were missed. Where has this person
been until now? The answer, in this case, is simple: she's been in high school. The
microphone seems to love some voices. Diana McCorry has one of those voices. Her
sound is disarming, pretty and fresh. Relaxed and low-key . . .”
Rob Lester,

Diana McCorry’s debut album entitled “Diana” brings a refreshing new definition to today’s popular song market.

On the disc, Diana brings a personality and sophistication to the songs that seem impossible for someone of her tender years. On her debut CD, Diana combines her vocal and dramatic talents with a super jazz ensemble under the direction of producer/guitarist Tony Romano. “Diana” features original music and lyrics composed by her father, Tim McCorry. Influenced by Julie London and Billy Holiday’s vocals, the CD, the music and Diana’s voice and phrasing are revolutionizing Jazz Music and the Adult Contemporary markets.

Everybody will be talking about Diana McCorry who is emerging in the International Music Market Scenario like a lightning bolt cutting across the dark nighttime sky. The CD’s official release is scheduled for Fall 2008. “Diana” will be heavily promoted through a national radio and press campaign. Upcoming performance dates are in the works.

Diana’s crossover style, contemporary in feel and classic in nature, is one that most artists try to achieve.

Diana currently studies Drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.

For information contact:
Redwood Entertainment, Inc.
Tel: 212 543-9998


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