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Member - Diamond Drive (Band who writes own material)

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30 Nov 2008
23 Dec 2008


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Diamond Drive

iZMO: Metal
Sub iZMO: Groove Metal

The beginning

The band lineup you see right now was formed back in December 2006. The core musicians Chris, Patrick, Kalle and Anders, were on the look out for a singer who could live up to their version of Heavy Rock, and for a long time no one presented themselves, or more precisely no one stood up to be counted. Until that is, Jens appeared; young, twisted and soulful, Diamond Drive were born.

The essence of energy

Diamond Drive the Danish 5 piece takes influence from the last three decades of rock music, anything from Soundgarden to Lamb of God. Each member contributes a mix of creativity and a high standard of musicianship. Diamond Drive gives a powerful and energetic live performance. They produce a tight and exhilarating sound fully engaging the audience. The end result is a pure quality, and an aggressive but positive energy, which unites a varied fan base.

Ambitious and focused

In less than two years the band has managed to tour in England four times including London, Brighton and Birmingham. They have performed at “The Marquee”, "The Barfly", and at London’s infamous venue “The Underworld” to mention a few of the venues. Their songs "Infidels" and "Traitor" have been voted ”Track of the day” on, the bands first EP received 5 stars in Denmarks largest music magazine Gaffa, and the band has been announced band of the week on which is the largest danish music site. Diamond Drive reached this years national finals in the Emergenza Festival.

Musically Diamond Drive sits within a spectrum from melodic rock to thrash metal.


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