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Member - Deus Machina (Band who writes own material)

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05 Jan 2009


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Deus Machina

iZMO: Metal
Sub iZMO: Heavy Metal

***Band History***

Deus Machina was initially formed in East Yorkshire by Lee Burns and Nick Dixon in 1987. Songs were written and rewritten long into the early ours of the night over many bottles of thunderbird. The music focused on the technical side of metal with its roots influenced by the likes of Rush and Judas Priest. "We wanted the music to have varying timings and its accents based on unusual syncopation but still retain obvious melodies. Basically we were bored and wanted to push our music abilities to the extreme".

In 1990 a new lineup was formed consisting of Lee Burns (guitars), Jonny Beeley (vox), Paul Charlesworth (drums) and several bassists. The band recorded its first ep known as 'The Curse'. The lyrics were to tell a gothic horror story in the style of H.P. Lovecraft and so form a mini-concept album.

Many years passed and several of the band members relocated over the country, most notably the founding member Lee moved to the midlands to work on his own project called 'Choke' with Carl Fernandes. Deus Machina faded into history.

Lee then re-recorded 'The Curse' in 2004 playing all the instruments himself as well as singing; essentially to give the songs a much more modern feel to them.

The 'new sounding' deus machina with vocalist Merryn has completed its first ep called 'Scars' featuring the song of the same name in 2006. Also on the cd is a cover of New Model Armys classic song Vengeance.

In early 2007 Simon Ball started working on Bass lines for new and existing Deus Songs, and in 2008 Adam Bickers Joined on Lead guitar. Deus have tried out a few local drummers and are currently working with a grade 8 Drummer girl and will be giggin in spring 2009


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