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09 Dec 2008
08 Jan 2009


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David Ferretti( producer)

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Instrumental Hip Hop


From an early age David discovered that music and creativity is the one thing in life that no one can take away from you. At the same time creativity is something you never lose. David started producing music around 2002-2003 after noticing when he listened to music the beat was the main thing he focused on more the message within the song. David started out with just a Mpc2000xl and a Triton keyboard and after a while of learning how to program drums correctly, things such as knowing what kick matched what snare,etc he pretty much knew production was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. For the most part David had to learn everything about production on his own. Being that he already knew notes and chords, the music was never a problem, but getting everything to fit perfectly is what he worked on for a couple of years. While studying the likes of "Timbaland" to "Dr. Dre" etc. he saw that music production wasn't as easy as people made it out to be. Early on most of his music as he put it "reflected what went on around me" " Growing up in the big City of Chicago a lot of my music was for the streets" "but as time passed I wanted to expand and explore different genres of music" After a short stint at Columbia College, which he eventually dropped out of(Not to his mothers approval) David decided it was time to put his attention all on Production. Perfecting his craft was his main focus from 2004 until the present day. During that time from "04" to "06" he did some "In house" production for the talented Chicago group "LEP" better known as the "Bogus Boyz" He even managed to have the Multi-Platinum selling artist "Fabolous" on a record, as Fab. put up 16 bars of heat the song "plastic" for the group. I guess you could say now that he has learned a little bit of music business in the fact that nothing came of the production work he put in for 2 long years and getting nothing out of the publishing deal the group got. "You live and you learn" as David put it. Blending live percussion with heavy bass, and creative synth melodies is what you could call his trademark. " I try to do things within my music that ain't nobody else doing" along with that, making sure that people understand he is a artist first is one of the main things he stresses to anyone he works with. "All in all my main goal is to become one of the greatest producers of my era, known for paying my due's and showing respect to the Great ones before me, my hard work and good music. So until then................