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Member - Cool Water (Singer/Songwriter)

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14 Jan 2010


Re: Whats up Wit Your Twitter and Facebook
Please visit me on Twitter and Facebook here for more info

Stop Kissing Vjays Dee Jays and Radio Personailites Asses !!!
Please visit the blog social sundays to read and comment on the post . thank you coolwater here for more info

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Cool Water

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Gangsta Rap

Bold. Talented. Raw. Exciting. Real. Those are the words that describe up-and-coming, Atlanta-based Rap artist Dwon Alexander, a.k.a. "Cool Water."
After polishing his writing and rapping skills, "Cool Water" moved to Atlanta to become established in the music industry. Dwon is a rap artist whose dynamic vocal ability and creative writing style has him anxious to show the world the true meaning of hip-hop. His strong, dominant voice indicates that he puts his heart and soul into every song. "I want people to respect what I have to say as opposed to prejudging. Rapping is what I love to do."
Cool Water is from Dayton, Ohio. He is the oldest of four kids. Even though Cool Water grew up in poverty he never let that hinder his dreams. He managed to stay strong and seek out the positives in life. Throughout his school years, playing basketball was his passion. He hoped to receive a basketball scholarship to Alabama State University and go on to play professional basketball. However, his dreams were shattered after he didn't receive a scholarship. It was then that he began to concentrate on finding his purpose in life. Although basketball was his first love, it wasn't long before he realized that he had a special talent for music and a desire to be a part of the entertainment industry. As a kid he always felt he was going to be a star in the world of entertainment.


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