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03 Jan 2009
09 Mar 2009


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Concise Flo

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Midwest Hip Hop

Concise Flo is a new lyrically innovative hip hop artist to the world but his verbal presentation and lyrical arrangement definitely shows his natural level of skill, deliverance & talent. Illinois born, Samuel X (Gray) grew up on the West side of Chicago. Motivated musically by Nas, GangStarr, Common, and Rakim- what else can you expect from this Chi-town rapper. One of the few artists who “think before he speaks,” Concise Flo will always deliver the truth. “It started off with spoken word for several years. I never wanted to be a rapper, but I loved hip-hop and loved artists that loved delivering lyrics with substance. ” It’s amazing that Concise Flo only began rapping in the latter end of 2006. “Roget's Thesaurus states that Concise is stating much in few words. It implies clarity and compactness removing all unnecessary words. With direction from one of the most talented producers of our time Dre Solomon, Concise Flo, is cutting the middleman out and giving people pure soul. Concise Flo is music that makes your brain tingle or may upset you if my music makes you wear the shoe that fits you.” Its very simple why my music should be played its time for a change, something different, something mentally edible. I am change my purpose is mental stimulation lyrically. I'm a brother that doesn't like to speak unless I really have something to say. In music it's the same. I don't ever wish to do a song unless the song has meaning, substance and a message whether the message is as simple as enjoying life or as complex as the issues that face the Black Diasporas and that of oppressed people in the world. People keep saying their real, I'm truth . Real is a mere opinion of your mind truth is living evidence. Listen and you will hear that I am TRUTH my music is my evidence. I want an opportunity to show my appreciation for music with my undeniably talent.