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22 Mar 2009
30 Jan 2010


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iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Experimental Hip Hop

ClueVision is seeing everything as it is..forget the circumstances....what is exactly going on? I speak on things like poverty, struggle, fear,pain,depression,events,lives of others....pretty much anything that makes people think. I don't look at myself as a rapper but more as a lyricist. My words are not just for entertainment but for enlightment. I speak in stories to show both sides of a perspective. I like to make people think and show them the box ,not just outside or inside of it, but the whole thing. I started writing poetry in a County Prison when I was 15 and as I moved up the ladder to State Prisons my words got more powerful as I spoke to many in groups on life and religion and poverty and the government. I was released and learned to cope and adapt to any enviroment that life places me. So I changed and created a whole new mentality...I grew, not just as a man, but as a member of this chess game of life. I developed the tongue of a lawyer and the scars of a slave. Put that together with the coming together of two very powerful races and mindit forms nothing less than a mastermind. A mind capable of creating and destroying....capable of bringing happiness, joy, love , healing...but with the urge to bring destruction, anger, hate....Thats what you get with ClueVision. Confusion that makes so much sense that just the power of words.....creates actions. Its an exploration that exceeds the foundin of America...exceeds the founding of other planets...exceeds the finding of fossils.....Its the exploration that declares the finding of Change...not just in music but in minds......What you think leads to what you feel...what you feel leads to what you say...what you feel and say leads to what you do....So if I can change the way people think...maybe...just maybe...I can control the way they act....Listen to the music....Listen to the confusing as they are...listen to them..they have within them the destroy...and most of change!!!!!! -Clue