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Member - Chuck Eaton (Band who writes own material)

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17 Jul 2009
27 Dec 2018


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Chuck Eaton

iZMO: Pop
Sub iZMO: Ballad

Chuck Eaton comes with a large experience of 30 years to introduce his CD called One Million words. It must have been a long time, but the result is what really matters and this is a worthy of respect work.
12 romantic songs, dedicated to lovers, written and performed by him as backing vocals. Arranged and produced by Ribah Nascimento . Recorded and mixed at Be Bop Studios and mastered at Mosh Studios both in Sao Paulo-Brazil.

Love-inspired easy listening album
author: Chris & the Review Team
One Million Words is the excellent easy listening debut thirty years in the making from Brazilian artist Chuck Eaton. This albums theme is love, as Eaton sings twelve original and romantic songs of love and passion, mood-setters written for lovers to listen to together. The entire album is written and performed by Eaton, which includes vocals and piano, guitar, and drum arrangements. These arrangements are solid with well-crafted piano work and terrific guitar solos, and show Eatons skill in musical layering. Eatons vocals are unique, sounding like a combination of an easy listening version of Paolo Nutini with traces of solo John Lennon. One Million Words is well-produced, and the entire album sounds clean and professional. Wedding Rings begins with a nice piano, drum, and guitar arrangement, then moves into a song about falling in love and begging for forgiveness. Our Love Is Precious starts with a great electric guitar solo over acoustic guitar and drums, and features more catchy and heartfelt lyrics about falling in love. Overall, One Million Words is a great love-themed album well worth the wait. Anyone who enjoys poppy, easy listening songs about love should check out One Million Words.


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