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Member - Chance Motta (Singer/Songwriter)

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17 Jul 2009
18 Aug 2009


Whispering Shadows (Debut Album)
My first album Whispering Shadows is available online from snocap you can buy the songs here for more info

chance motta's myspace
macjams page more music
pure volume page

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Chance Motta

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Indie Rock

Chance Motta was born in Seattle, Wa in 1988 and began playing any instrument he could find at the age of 13. Starting off with a taste for heavy and fast music such as bands like Greenday, Rancid, Anti-Flag, and other rock bands Chance saved up for a guitar and jammed with friends in a punk band teaching himself to play guitar, bass, drums and keyboard. Through the computer he began messing around with home recording learning to layer instruments together for different sounds making some industrial songs for fun and over time through life change he grew a love for the accoustic guitar, it's feeling of freedom and independance of not needing a full band to sound complete. Chance Motta began writing some accoustic songs and eventually playing them at a local coffee house at the age of 16 and continued playing for fun for the next two years. After some life changes and moving around the country in 2007 Chance started to play a lot of online shows on secondlife gaining a small fan base and drive to do more with music. In December of 2008 Chance Motta flew to Greensville, Il to record his first fully produced album "Whispering Shadows" that combines his wide mix of influences and a creative production style. Through the years his influences have grown to include bands in genres of punk, metal, goth, classic rock, emo, and even some country. As well as being a musician Chance spends his spare time writing poetry and stories publishing his first poetry book in 12th grade. He believes music should be a passion and evoke an emotion causing the audiance to feel something, writing songs from his own pain and joy with a sometimes dark lyrical style.


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