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Member - Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC (Songwriter/Composer)

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27 Jan 2009
05 Apr 2010


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Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Indie Rock


Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC (BGE) is a revolutionary music enterprise for the independent musician, specializing in production, promotion, marketing and branding. BGE creates the blueprints for a self-sustaining life in the arts, and has devised the tools to thrive in the often convoluted music industry. Brain Grenade Entertainment provides explosive ideas, methods and applications for artist production, empowerment and sustainability.

Brain Grenade Entertainment, based on decades of music industry experience, provides aspiring artists with the tools to successfully direct their personal careers and finances with specific on-demand services such as music production, career consulting, marketing, contracts, branding and business planning. BGE has organized all the elements for a thriving, sustained and successful music career into an accessible format. This allows the artist to maximize limited resources and still maintain personal control of their music, their brand, and their career.

Brain Grenade provides oversight and guidance in today's music industry world. This enables musicians to function not only as artists but as business people, equipped with the tools and knowledge to operate as self-sufficient functionaries on their own behalf. They may also approach labels and management groups with the knowledge and organization to maintain more control of their work.

The BGE team of professionals, with experience in and out of the studio, can also serve as a liaison between musicians and the music business - a vital service in today's increasingly contract-driven industry. BGE has the resources to assist artists in establishing themselves, as well as assisting labels in fostering and developing those artists. In turn, BGE can build bridges between the independent and the corporate worlds to establish new methods to prepare, produce, promote, and release music that is further beneficial for all parties.

Brain Grenade Entertainment LLC is helping to redefine the role of the independent artist through education, empowerment, philanthropy, and assistance as they establish their career in today's music industry.


Free Music Promotion For Unsigned Musicians
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