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Member - BlazinFaze The Revolution (Singer/Songwriter)

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13 Jan 2009
13 Jan 2009


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BlazinFaze The Revolution

iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Abstract Hip Hop

I'm Marcos Vilgrain, BlazinFaze A.k.a "Black Intelligence". A Certified Revolutionary & a Haitian, Born on November 11th, 1991. I started writtin' music in 2004, but became an official artist in 2005, My first year of High School. Originally this was just a joke, I didn't think it would go anywhere, but as time went on, I started to love it even more & now I'm proud to be called an Emcee. I'm not like anything you would normally hear, like all that "Gangsta, Club-Type" music that you hear on the radios & see on TV. That might sound a little weird after reading my name -BlazinFaze- because most people think that I imply the word "Blazin" as the term for "Gettin' High" well I don't, "BlazinFaze" simply means "Livin' in a State Of Fire". See I make music based on Love, Life, & Logic, but just because my style is strictly "Point-Blank" that doesn't mean you won't be able to feel it like a dance song. My passion for music has no limits. Every waking moment of my life, I'm always thinkin' "How Can I Be Better?" or I'm just trying to make a song to whatever beat I'm listening to. Its like I always say "I'm too busy makin' it to listen to it" so if I'm listenin' to music is most likely a beat, or one of my own songs. I've worked with many artists, whom of which are all talented, & like me, are straight Underground. I hope to create an explosive impact through my music, like you may have heard in some of my songs - The Revolution. I'm what you would call a "Will Smith" emcee, I don't use swears{anymore}, & I refuse to use the "N-Word" in my songs. Artists like Asheru, Masta Ace, WordsWorth, Cunninlynguists inspired this, with their views on the world & style of speakin' their minds. Like them, I'm here to fill the world of music with beauty, style & soul, with a pencil & microphone.....I'll make it happen! I have AIM {Blazinfaze1}, MSN {}, so if you have any questions just send a message.
- BlazinFaze, Listen.


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