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Member - Beith (Songwriter/Composer)

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15 Nov 2008
05 Jul 2009


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iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Gangsta Rap

Beith...Born Keith Nichols In Newark NJ...His Story Began At The Tender Age Of 11 Years Old. After Hearing "All Eyez On Me" By 2pac He Was Inspired To Become A Rapper, Shortly After He And His Friends Began Writing And Recording Songs With Instrumentals Over A Karaoke Machine. Though His Music Wasn't "Industry Sound Quality Material" He Gained Alot Of Respect From Family And Friends, It Was Then He Knew That A Music Career Was The Path He Was Going To Follow...After Recording On The Karaoke Machine For Over 3 Years..He got His First Ever Chance At Studio Time When A Friend Suggested He Stop "Jackin"' Beats From Other Artists And Make His Own Music..After A Quick 2 Weeks, He Was In The Studio, And With His Own Beats He Began To Attract More And More Attention From Fellow Artists. But His Success Story Did Not Happen OverNight... The First Few Singles He Did Flopped And Record Label's Friends Etc...Told Him The Songs Didn't Sound Properly Done, Thus It Was Very Hard To Get The Labels Or Anyone To Take Him Or His Music Seriously. But He Was Determined Not To Give Up And Was In The Studio Recording Day And Night To Get His Music On The Proper Level. After One Full Year Of Writing, Re-Writing And Recording He Began To Emerge As A Better Artist And Unexpectedly Began To Recieve Positive Remarks From Established Artists, Record Producers, Labels ETC. It Was Then He Knew He Was Headed In The Right Direction. As New Idea's Filled His Head He Wasted No Time To Write It Down And Take It To The Studio And After Expanding His Lyrical Horizon He Became A Local Celebrity By The Age Of Only 15. He Has Performed In Local Talent Shows And At Parties That Same Year And By The Age Of 16, Everyone Locally Knew "BIG BEITH" For His Lyrical Skills And Talent On The Mic. "I've Been Told I Have Alot Of Talent And That I Shouldn't Waste It, And Im Going To Soar High In The Game Until I Make My Mark" Says Beith....And He Intends To Do Just That, It's Obvious That He Will Not Slow Down Nor Stop AnyTime Soon And Will Continue To Bring The Hits That His Followers Need And Want. Beith's Style Of Music Ranges From West Coast Rap To East Coast Rap, From Grimey To Hardcore Or A Combo Of All 4, But Whatever The Style Is It Is Sure To Be A Sure Fire Hit. His Flow Is Unique Because He Can Put A Bunch Of Corny Unimportant Words Together And Make A Hot Song Or He Can Talk About Nothing Of Major Importance Or Just Throwing Little Words Together And Make A Hot Record.....He Writes His Own Hooks, Lyrics, Punch Lines, Bridges, And Verses Which Is A Rare Sight These Days...It's Clear That He Is Rap Phonomenon And He Will Not Give Up His Dream, He Know With Stregnth, Perserverance And Hard Work He Will Shape His Destiny To Be Labeled "The Greatest Rapper Alive"!!!!!
"B.I.D" (2003)
"B.I.D Pt.2" (2003)
"Eastside Story" (2005)
"Newark's Finest" (2006)
"A Living Ledgend" (2007)
"I Run The Hood" (2007)
"Stack Paper, Get Dough" (2008)
"Life Of A Hustla" (Due March 9th, 2009)


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