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Member - BEAU RENFRO (Singer/Songwriter)

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06 Nov 2008
11 Aug 2009


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Beau Renfro's home state is Texas, the whole dang place. He was born in Arkansas, but after a very short time his family moved to East Texas where his father had taken a small church. Beau's music began as a lot of country music singers did. In church. By the age of 6 Beau was listening to his sisters play and sing on the local radio station. Saturday nights were set aside for hearing the Grand Ole Opry on the Radio. Listening to Country Artist such as Carl Smith, Ernest Tubb, Little Jimmy Dickens and best of all Marty Robbins. Beau's sister Jean purchased his first guitar from Sears and although he was to young to play with the family band, he listen close to what the singers were doing and played along.
Beau got his first break playing on Buster Doss's country show in Ashdown Arkansas just a few miles from Tyler. He became one of the most popular singers on the show. After winning the Dodge Wrangler contest Beau moved to Branson to be the MC of the famed Ozark Jubilee playing shows across America in the winter and going back home in the summer where he worked seven days a week to entertain folks that came to the Ozarks to see the show. As years passed he formed his own band "Clear Country" and signed with Buster Doss's Stardust of Nashville label. His many songs have charted overseas and played on radio worldwide. You can listen to his music and know he has paid his dues in country music. He is a prolific song writer and a heavy hitter in independent country music. Beau has worked numerous time on the world famous Louisiana Hayride, The Oil Palace, The Saw Mill Club and also worked as a DJ at KROZ FM Tyler, Texas and KTTS Springfield,Mo and was voted #1 DJ in East Texas five years running.
Beau's first band was made up of a few close friends in east Texas. Beau & the Banits was formed and started playing country night clubs in and around Tyler. He has followed that same tradiction with his new band made up of friends. Not only close in music but close also in life. His latest single features his long time bass player Rick Skinner. Beau's five piece band plays clear country music you can set and listen to or dance across any dance floor.
Beau Renfro and his wife Brenda live in Tucson Arizona where they enjoy country living in their desert home, not to far away from the mountains and only a plane ride and one good song away from Nashville. Beau's new album "Born In The Southland" is available on CD BABY and most sites where you can download good country music. Also look for his great show coming to your hometown


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