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Member - AZ-IS (Band who writes own material)

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12 Dec 2008
12 Dec 2008


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iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Abstract Hip Hop

"I would like to thank all of those who have stopped by and took their time out to check out my myspace page and my website to see what FedProof Entertainment is all about. For those who I have not left comments to, know that I truly appreciate your support may that love continue. To all of my friends, present and future, THANK YOU." AZ-IS is a breath of fresh air with obvious potential to be huge. He has been sought after by numerous independent record labels, performed live in a variety of venues from clubs to stadiums and has conquered them all. AZ-IS is an extremely talented Hip Hop and R&B songwriter, which makes him even more of a valuable asset to the music industry. Battle tested and proven, anyone who has spent over ten minutes with AZ-IS will testify that it does not take long to see that this man has something extremely special. His persona and character draws full attention and positive energy and has the ability to make an entire room his personal stage where he outshines the competition. With his good looks and the gift of fly conversation, AZ-IS has what it takes to market, push and sell any product: especially himself! Clubs and concert promoters love this artist because he pulls three women to every one man at every event. AZ-IS is a walking "good time" and promises a packed house. Any good marketing and promotion team would love to get their hands on this superstar. AZ-IS is fully capable and prepared to provide an entertaining and powerful stage performance. He has been an opening act at performances for artists such as Ludacris, Twista, Kanye West and Cash Money. If you had a shot at a potential mega-star, would it be worth inviting him to meet with you for an hour or two to see if the hype was really true? Would having a hot Hip Hop artist, who is also an R&B songwriter, be a plus for your team? AZ-IS is certain that if you take the time to meet with him face to face, you will become a believer. To hear more of AZ-IS' hot tracks from his repertoire, or an opportunity to meet with the next big thing in Hip Hop, give us a call. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Visit Az-Is online at or for more updates about this rising star!


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