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Member - Apocrypha (Songwriter/Composer)

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02 Jan 2009
24 Jan 2009


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iZMO: Metal
Sub iZMO: Gothic Metal

first and foor most this is a SYMPHONIC METAL, or FILM SCORE METAL band (however there are gothic infuences)

Apocrypha is the concept of Keyboardist Spencer Creaghan during the summer of 2007, when he wanted to write music with similar styles to that of nightwish, kamelot, epica, and other film score metal acts. He proposed the idea to many people and finally got former lead singer Ellie Van Berkel. After looking for a long time, and with some help from Ellie, he found guitarist, Cody Guyrn. Bassist Alex Telfer joined, and drummer Zac Cole came in. Cody, and Ellie both left, for a different reason. So Guitarist Mike McKeon came in to replace cody, and mike found Katherine Tisch to replace Ellie. Cody returned in february 2008 to record.

In june 2008 Spencer wrote a score to a film, his grade 10 drama class created. The tracks have been made availible to buy. Along w/ the original apocrypha demo

As of August 2008, Apocrypha has been a solo project of Spencer. He has written a rock opera entitled Empathica. Several Musicians and vocalist appearred on the album to sing and do instrumentals throughout.

join our facebook group at ://
and visit out myspace at:

keep it metal, Apocrypha

Apocrypha is:
Spencer creaghan:
Guitars, bass, drums, vocals, piano, orchestral arrangments.

session members:
Zac cole: co-drum arrangments on "Good and Evil"
Cody Guryn: co-guitar arrangments on "Good and Evil"

if you have the time please check out spence and cody's side band Too Bad We're Sober


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