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Member - AngerManagement (Band who writes own material)

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13 Oct 2008
13 Nov 2008


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Anger management formed in the early part of 2005 and, after several months, recorded a 5 track ep called pay the piper, during this period the band played several gigs in and around the maidstone/kent area. In 2006 the band went through a period of transition that caused the band to suspend giging and concernate on working on new material. By the end of 2006 the band had written a further 6 songs and was preparing to recording the follow up to pay the piper with right this way. However due to a death in the family the day of the recording it was shelved. Since then the 2007 has seen the line up of the group take a radical change and the band has gone from a four piece group down to a three piece with Lee the drummer leaving in june and then Richard the bass player also uping sticks in November 2007. Dave and Wardie have remained positive and now with the recuitment of Rich Maw, our new drummer, and Dave swapping his guitar for the bass the band is ready to get going again for the start of 2008. The band has a total of 15 songs that it wishes to record as soon as possible along with re-recording pay the piper as the introduction of Rich on the drums has given the band a harder edge (that's the best way I could describe it.) We are looking forward to the coming year what with the problems of the last 2. Anger management feels it has it's final line up and will be working hard to get itself heard. OUr new ep OUTSIDE THE ASYLUM will be ready for purchase very soon!!


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