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15 Aug 2009
17 Aug 2009


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iZMO: Rap & Hip Hop
Sub iZMO: Abstract Hip Hop

AFROCK is an underground North African hip hop duo comprising DA SOLE and WMD. The duo is famous for a skillful 3rd language delivery (English), something rare in the region. The two rappers rhyming skills left most of the audience dumbfounded to the point they are believed to be coming from overseas. Besides, the fact they came from different regions of Tunisia and meeting each other for the first time only in 2004 led to bringing a major stylistic diversity to their common works.

WMD and DA SOLE started rapping in the late 1990’s, thus having witnessed hip-hop’s golden age marked by influences like Rakim, Krs-one, a Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, NWA and many more. In his early career, DA SOLE was recruited by the group of Light Beat, making tours throughout the nation. After that , DA SOLE focused on making his debut album that dropped in 2003.Far in another Tunisian region(RADES), WMD was part of a trio named Ghetto Skills, a group that broke up for internal problems. Soon after WMD set on performing for solo. He took part in the 2006 World Cup single titled African Unity and he was invited by the locally known group named T-Men to perform in 2004’s summer tour, a date marking DASOLE and WMD’s first meeting, thanks to the intermediate of a common circle of acquaintances.

Although these acquaintances were in reality trying to turn WMD and DA SOLE against each other, the irony of fate made a tight alliance between the two rappers, an alliance that stood immune to intrigues, maintaining a steady advent in a path full of obstacles.

The duo’s tracks reflect their personalities, ideologies, 3rd world struggle, African culture ,and this gives a better understanding of the name AFROCK, which is a combination of AFRO and the word rock that symbolizes standing still like a solid rock in front of stormy obstacles. According to the duo, the group’s focus is to deliver a skillful rhyming, sided by a positive international message between the lines of a conscious rap far from similar to the overwhelming monotonous and superficial rap ruled by a corrupted industry.

AFROCK’s single titled BARBARIC was highly acclaimed and pushed the group to the forefront of the local hip hop scene. The single reflects the duo’s convictions stated above. Soon after the single’s release, the group was approached by a local label named Phonie for a recording deal, however, negotiations reached a deadlock because the two rappers realized they were going to be exploited by a label fully aware of the hip hop modest situation in North Africa. Soon after, almost the same scene repeated itself, but this time with an American small label from Brooklyn named N... W...

The duo is currently on a new LP titled « both sides of the story ». By this LP, the group aims to broaden the scope of their reach with a crossover oriented sound inshallah. But for now check the newly released mixtape (new species)