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Member - Adrian Dent (Singer/Songwriter)

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17 Dec 2008
18 Mar 2009


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Adrian Dent

iZMO: Pop
Sub iZMO: Rock

Adrian De-shon Dent was born April 13, 1990. Adrian grew up in the entertainment industry, always being around movies, music, and more. Adrian performed with his mother LEA’ back in april of 2000 and they had the crowd pumped, screaming and the whole nine. At the age of ten Adrian never thought of doing anything in the entertainment industry until one day his mother started doing films,that struck something in him,and all of a sudden he wants to go into the production part of the entertainment industry. On January 20, 2006 Disney Channels High School Musical premeired first the time and at the time Adrian wasn’t really huge on Disney Channel but,when Adrian saw the movie he said “I can do that”and that’s when the singing and acting begin to show up. Adrain is a Actor, Writer, Producer, Director,and has had experiencein two movies- Something About Destiny and soon to come Chauva. Adrian wants to change the whole “HOLLYWOOD” concept. Adrian has hobbies such as playing basketball, writing movies, singing, hanging with buds, goin to the movies, and spending time with family. Currently Adrian just reached the age of 18 and is soon to be graduating and heading off to college. Adrian wants to geta trade as an engineer,and do acting on the side. To be safe Adrian involves his parents whom he loves so much, he wants their support in every aspect of his life.Adrian Is Currently Taking it easy while trying to comlpete his second of college.Hangin with His two best friends Brittany Blodgett and Benito Diaz they mit hit rocky roads along but adrian tells us that the three of them have each other backs.


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