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02 May 2010
03 May 2010


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iZMO: Soul
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ADREIN one of the brightest, talented, young and new undiscovered RAP/R&B acts out today, he is quickly establishing himself around the Country. ADREIN'S unique and Flow is like no other out in the music industry today. He combines his soothing voice with nice dance moves every time he performs and always uses his electrifying energy to capture the attention of his audience. He wrote his first album "THE BEGINNING" in 2003. The album was a big success on the streets of Maryland and Philadelphia, Mississippi even though it was an underground album. Every since ADREIN was 9, he always wanted to be an entertainer. He found his flow when cyphering at school during lunch time. When he wasn't cyphering at school he would gather all his friends to write and record at a local studio.Adrein lived in a houe were family would listen to Country, R&B, Oldes & Rock music. At 15 Adrein started to listen to R&B and Hip Hop music. Watching artist like Boyz II Men, Jodeci, and Michael Jackson made him want to become an entertainer in music that much more. By the age of 17 Adrein's mother gave a demo to a local DJ he told Adrein he should persure music. Adrein knew that music was what he really wanted to do in life, often lieing about his age to preform at local nightclubs. At that time Adrein went on to pursue his dream by starting to let his music be heard by others. Adrein's strong passion for music is surely to take him far in due time. Having that never quit spirit, Adrein is what a lot of independent artist need. His sharp style will be soon captivating audiences all over the World. Adrein plans on reaching out to every race to become one of the Worlds greatest entertainers ever. Now that is a true entertainer: Adrein. "