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15 Jun 2009
16 Jun 2009


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iZMO: Pop
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Can you remember a day back in December 2008 when the sun
shone a little bit brighter and your troubles felt a little bit lighter?
That all happened because the band ADAMHOEK came into
existence that day.

Due to their unique blend of music, Heaven opened it's gates and
sent forth blessings unto the earth of warm jazz, pop and original
acoustic soft rock. When next you catch yourself smiling
unexpectedly, t'is because a new ADAMHOEK song was written
that day.

Adam and Bob have been playing music together for nearly a
decade and are now playing all over Holland. They aim to connect
with their audience by creating a fun yet uniquely intimate
atmosphere which could be adapted for smaller parties and
fundraisers where people expect a show.However the bigger
the stage, the more they thrive

'HOEK' is technically a dutch name but the band is International,
with the front man being from down under. Adam's interesting
use of Netherlandish brings a new cultural perspective to the
dutch language.

Bob is Adam's right hand man. Primarily functioning as a jack of all
trades. When something needs to get done, Bob has it all under control.
Be it Guitar, Bass, vocal or triangle, Bob is your man.

Nienke is the newest Member who supports with her percussion and fills
their stomachs with cookies. Its tough being a lady in a band...but
she can handle it.

Their most famous seasonal song 'Find' has been converted into a
cultural smash hit called 'Snackbar' Where Adam sings about
a day in the life of an Australian addicted to the wonders that the
Netherlands has to offer. Be sure to check them both out.