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Member - Adam Wedd & The Independents (Band who writes own material)

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01 Jun 2009
04 Sep 2009


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Adam Wedd & The Independents

iZMO: Rock
Sub iZMO: Alternative Rock

It has been said that you are far more likely to find Adam Wedd & The Independents busking to fans on the street than retreating to their dressing room to drink their way through the rider. This desire to maintain a unique relationship between their music and their fans is characterised by their distinctive fusion of meaningful & thought-provoking lyrics with catchy pop melodies.
Adam’s unique approach to writing songs comes as a result of several years of honing his craft as a solo singer-songwriter. His lyrics display a well-developed understanding of the human condition, often appearing under the guise of childish optimism and naivety. After several years of success performing as a solo artist, with the high point being the use of his music in a short film premiered at the Covent Garden Odeon, it was time to establish a full-band line-up to take the project to the next level, and born of this was Adam Wedd & The Independents. Never detracting from the original arrangements written for voice and acoustic guitar, the full-band sound naturally suited the tracks, doing nothing but complementing the original musical ideas.

Since forming, the band have been in the studio creating new material, layering the sounds of a diverse range of instruments including the cello, mandolin & ukelele, over the guitar driven 4-piece dynamic.
All the while, the project is gaining momentum with an increasing tally of headline slots, press coverage & radio airplay, and with the eager anticipation of their debut single release in June and the follow-up later in the summer, Adam Wedd & The Independents are going to be one to watch out for over the coming months.

"Skipping along like someone who’s just passed their driving test, [The Differences We Display] has all the happy tickles of The Kooks or Noah and the Whale. But without the annoying tweeness. Complete with the best violin bits since The Bluebells’ “Young At Heart.”" -


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