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Member - Achim Schultz / OverTwenty (Band who writes own material)

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Welcome the new album of Achim Schultz

Date added: 25th July 2009


Hello together,

Klaus Voormann, who created the most famous Beatles Cover art work for the "Revolver Album", contributed his ultimate congenial Welcome-Greetings for the title song of this new album.

Achim Schulz wrote “Bad Bank”, a song that is really taking care for that matter.But it’s not about a money bank. “To Be Rich” is about money as well, but spiced with subtle irony. “Rain” is a true story about pouring summer rain that came into the house in Florida - and just didn’t stop. We are very proud that the renowned Sitar Player Udo Kamjunke gave his permission and played his delightful tracks for us in the Studio. And I would also like to thank Ulli Essmann, who joined us for additional vocals on all tracks except “Fly to You”. Ulli is well known for her famous duet with Phil Collins in the song “Tarzan and Jane”.

Technical Credits:
All lyrics and songs are written by Achim Schultz, except “Fly To You”, which was written by Guenther Pekruhl. All songs were recorded live in high quality digital recording technique.
Song No. 7 “From Me (To You)” is a perfect example of the unique classic (rock) live sound: guitars, drums, piano, rocking organ and keyboards, and vocals. That’s all.

The bonus track on the Album is the video and the song “Fool On The Hill”, which Achim has recently written for the Australian artist Jolly Goodfellow, who was appearing in the Las Vegas Beatles Show “Love”. Jolly is a very generous person and donated a lot to people in need – unfortunately, he recently had a bad car accident without having any health insurance.

We will be pleased if one of the songs meets your taste of music.

Best regards,
Achim Schultz


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